Day 3

My milk came in today 😀 Paul went to the hospital and got the pump and when i pumped i was surprised how much milk  came out. i dont know how much there is sposed to be but i havent had any trouble keeping up with lucas’s demand so far. i have an appt weds with the lactation consultant so ill learn more then.

lucas got his 1st manicure today. he had scratched his face yest so id covered his hands but this seemed to really upset him cause he couldnt suck on his hands so i filed his nails today while he was sleeping.


i tried carrying him around in the sling while i did laundry and ended up sore and back aching so i guess i should stick to the bed.

i still cant hear out my left ear, major throat congestion and have nearly completely lost my voice

last night (1st night at home) didnt go well. i dont know if he just wanted to eat more than usual or if it was the nail thing or what but he kept crying and we couldnt figure out what he wanted. (grr just spilled the milk on myself cause i was typing this and dropped the pump). so paul and i were both exhausted and half asleep and irritated at each other. today tho he has been totally fine and has been eating on a steady schedule (every 1-2 hours) and sleeping in btwn.


2 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. Yay for blogging! So what’s going on w/ your ear? You hadn’t said anything about it and then “i tried to put some hydrogen peroxide in my ear but its still blocked.”

    Do you have to get up every hour or 2 to feed Lucas at night? How long does that go on, ‘cuz it means you’re not getting any sleep!

  2. my ear has been blocked since friday.. i dont know if its congestion or wax or what. im also majorly congested in my nose/throat or something. its weird tho cause im not at all sick … just congested.

    yes at night i wake up about every hour and a half to feed him. its really hard cause i sit there falling over asleep while hes feeding. then early in the morning he’ll sleep for about 4 hours straight and thats when i get sleep. i think today i slept from about 7am until 945 for my “stretch”.
    i dont know how long that goes on – 6 weeks maybe? i dont remember

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