Day 1

in short:

dr kola came by again for a checkup and ordered a jaundice test. hes a little  yellow in the face but below the levels to be of concern so we are just sposed to get him a little sunlight

hearing test – pass

visitors: glenn and kids, dad, matt and sarah, mom and ron

photo person, first steps person (hospital/community programs for new parents), lactation consulatant, nurses, Dr Little, Dr Kola – lots of people in and out today

lactation consult – i *finally* got my pump and she showed me how to use it. i can see that i have a little bit of colostrum. they werent there for very long. i have an appt to go back for a full visit later on

dinner closed – all the hospital food places were freakin closed by 7pm when paul went to get me dinner (hospital foods served are literally inedible and everything is always brought to me cold) so he had to run out to cracker barrel and bring us dinner


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