surprise shower

yesterday paul was called into a meeting. when he got there, it turned out that his coworkers had thrown him a surprise baby shower with food and party plates and a ton of gifts. im so glad that paul got to be a part of some baby stuff for him and not just everything being centered around me all the time. we got a ton of stuff: a jumper activity center, a handmade quilt (i almost started crying when i saw it), a playmat that turns into a cart cover, a diaper bag, 4 receiving blankets that are super soft, a bib, two outfits, a toy frog that makes funny noises, a ceramic piggy bank full of money, a huggies gift pack, a toy security blanket with bunny head, and a blender (i registered for that for me and didnt think anyone would actually buy it for me lol).


One thought on “surprise shower

  1. That is SO sweet! Who arranged the baby shower for him? Who made the quilt?? I bet he’s gonna feel bad if either one of those is the blood pressure girl. 😛

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