out of time

so it occurred to me last night that i have *one* week left. somehow in my head i still have two weeks – this week and next week – but no cause today is tuesday and my due date is next tuesday so that is actually only one week!! so then i couldnt go to sleep cause i was thinking of all the stuff i still have to do. stuff i purposely hadnt done yet cause it could only be done at the last minute (like house cleaning…ya clean it too early and it just gets dirty again..or packing my suitcase cause i would still need those clothes) but now it *is* the last minute. woah.


2 thoughts on “out of time

  1. Wow, it doesn’t feel like it’s been nine (ten) months already! At least not to me anyway. 😛 Do you feel more “i’m so sick of being pregnant, get Lucas out of me!” or “OMG i’m not ready yet!” type of feeling? Don’t let anyone visit that’s been to Mexico or NY….this swine flu stuff is getting scary. Are you gonna try to blog after Lucas is born? I really really want you to (plus it’d be cool to go back and read later) but i know you’ll have a lot going on. Please try to! It’ll be fun to see how things are different and the same.

  2. now that i have the gem test done and nearly everything ready im in the “time to be born phase” instead of the “out of time phase”. i just have a few loose ends to tie up this week but im so done with being pregnant. i wonder what decides ‘ok time to go’. i think lucas is ready to come out, too cause sometimes he does some repeated kicking like hes trying to bust out.

    last i heard the flu in the US wasnt such a big deal as it was in mexico…that the americans werent dying from it. but i dont know anyone in mexico anyhow.

    i would like to blog, but it would be a lot easier if i had a laptop. i havent been on the computer nearly as much as i used to since being pregnant, btwn them breaking and me just not being comfortable it ends up not convenient. my furniture will be paid off in 3 more months and then ill probably buy a laptop.

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