we got a new car!! after car shopping at carmax on saturday we had picked out that we liked the subaru tribeca. then i got online to search all the avail tribecas in a 250 mi area and picked out a pretty silvery green one in alabama. tues night we got a call at 7pm that it had arrived at the kennesaw carmax and would be ready in an hour. so we met them there at 8 to have a look at it. we intended to trade in the mustang for it, but when we were nearly done with the paperwork we discovered that you cant trade in a used vehicle if it doesnt have current tags. they had already given us an appraisal offer of $3000 for it (which i was excited about cause kelley blue book said 2500), so what we had to do was write a check for $3000 in its place and take the mustang back home with us. we were still able to take home the tribeca, too, luckily cause i was sooo excited about getting it. once we get the tags fixed on the mustang we can take it back to carmax and they will write us a check back for the $3k. so as of right now we have 5 vehicles: camaro, mustang, truck, tribeca, and the motorcycle.

so on weds came the car juggling. eleanor erin (the camaro) was in the shop being repaired mon-weds. we had to get the driver’s side window fixed and the throttle cleaned and the spark plugs replaced or something like that.  this is her third time being in the shop since dec (rear differential in dec, then the alternator in like jan or feb). anyhow so she was in the shop and the truck and mustang both need new tags. so yesterday i went to the shop in the truck and traded them the truck for the camaro. then today paul went back to the shop to trade them the mustang for the truck. then we still hafta go back to carmax to sell them the mustang and we hafta take the tribeca to the carmax shop for them to do the To Do list (the list of stuff they agree to fix before selling a used car. in this case get us a clicky-click and replace a fog light).

(these are publishing under pauls acct cause im on his computer. my computer is dead)


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