baby classes

we just got out of one of the baby classes – motherhood. this is the one that is like 14 hours long and covers labor, birth, and breathing techniques. i hated it. i mean i knew wasnt going to be interested in the lamaze crap, but she started off the class with firs go around the room and introduce yourself and then made us get into girls vs boys and play jeopardy. luckily i didnt end up having to talk but the possibility of it put me into major anxiety attack mode that lasted the next two hours until our break and i could go outside in the sun and calm down. then at the end we had to sit on those stupid birthing balls and do those stupid breathing things. i felt retarded. and ended up anxious again. today’s clsas was 1-5 and i spent pretty much the whole time trying to remember to breathe and watching the clock. we are not going back next weekend, i cant take any more of that.

as an aside, 2 of the 3 classes ive had so far had someone in it i knew from sprayberry. the first one was a girl i think her name was kristi masters or something like that? and then today was matt burns’s older brother.


3 thoughts on “baby classes

  1. You never told me about the Epidural Class. How was it? What others have you taken and what did you think of them? Yeah that Motherhood class sounds pretty awful.

  2. The best part of the Motherhood class was the chairs we got to sit in. The rest of it could have been boiled down to a couple of hours of powerpoint and videos.

  3. the epidural class was good. informative, not too long, and the guy was funny.

    after that we took parenthood which was stuff like how to feed and diaper the baby after he is born. i liked that one, too. it was more take notes from the power point and then we had dolls we practiced diapering on and stuff. nothing that we probably couldnt have eventually figured out on our own and thereby killed the baby for not knowing it, but she had like helpful experience tips that were nice to know.

    we still have the breastfeeding class and the fathers-only class in april. and i need to set up a hospital tour since we were supposed to have one in the class that im skipping.

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