St Lucia – Post 2


Weds morning we went on our first excursion. It was sky rides through a rainforest. you get in this large sky bucket thing and it takes you up 120 feet to the canopy top. you glide through the tree tops while a guide tells you about all the wildlife. we saw several types of birds up in the tree tops, and looking down at the forest floor you could see lots of butterflies flittering about.

random fact: to be a rainforest, you must be located between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, have at least 600 species within a couple of acres, have trees reaching 800-2,000ft, and perpetually something in bloom.

random fact: cashews and mangos are related to poison ivy.

after the trip we had lunch at the hotel and then on to excursion #2. on this one we went horseback riding!! my horse was Barbie and paul’s was named Freedom. we took back roads thru a rural neighborhood to the ocean and then walked along the ocean. then we stopped at a little bar type place by the beach and the guides unsaddled the horses and paul and i went bareback riding in the ocean!! we went out far enough to where the horse was actually swimming! ive never been bare back riding and i was pretty much just trying not to fall off the horse. it was soo much fun.



5 thoughts on “St Lucia – Post 2

  1. This friday is Friday the 13th. Beware of people in hockey masks!

    P.s. I’m trying to get Katie to come trick-or-treat in my neighborhood since they don’t really have much of a neighborhood in jasper. If she does you should come with. But no hockey masks.

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