my dad called me yesterday to ask if im going to the lake for thanksgiving this year. for once i was able to say i was cause im finally NOT WORKING over the holidays. but today i actually thought about going to the lake, and i realised i dont want to go for – but for a whole new reason this year. this will be the first time the family has gotten together since the funeral. how are we going to have a happy thanksgiving dinner when 3 chairs will be empty? i wonder if uncle stuart is going to come. what do you say to a man thats lost everyone?? the whole thing is going to be sad and weird and really gonna suck.


reading over this i realise i just sorta said it without going into much detail. the truth of it is, im really really saddened when i put deep thought into it, so i usually try to just never think about it at all. if i think about it or talk about it i get near tears…like now.


One thought on “Thanksgiving

  1. Don’t be sad. Those you lost are in a good place now. Better than here. One day, you will see them again. They wouldn’t want to see more empty chairs. Time to be resilient and show strength and support those that are still here.

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