St Lucia – Post 1

i know i can be bad about actually writing what i do when i take a long busy trip and it requires a lot of writing, but over the next couple days im going to give a brief synopsis of our honeymoon on the island of St Lucia in the Caribbean.


Mostly travelling…we got up at like 5am and were travelling allllll day. the highlights were that we had individual TVs at each seat on the plane and the passenger manifest was light so we had the three row seat to ourselves and could stretch out. i was able to watch a movie on the 4+ hour flight. when we landed, a shuttle (van) came to take us across the entire 70 mile island to the Sandals Grande hotel. if youve ever been in a car in the caribbean, youll understand my pain…. trhe drivers are nuts and all the roads are windy and hilly and the drivers fly around these curves and bounce you out of your seat and make you car sick like youve never been before…

when we get to the hotel we are lead to a lounge where we can lay on couches and served champagne and ice cold towels while they check us in. by the time we got to our rooms we were exhausted so we ordered room service, watched some tv, and passed out.


We had an orientation in the morning to show us around the hotel, then afterwards we went and hunt out at the beach. guys peddling conk shells and necklaces kept coming up to us and a couple of them even offered to sell us drugs LOL. i discovered a new drink called a BBC which is baileys, bananas, and cream and ice. it tastes like a banana milkshake. nearly every day we saw a wedding on the beach.


We went snorkeling. it was paul’s first time and my second. it was way better than my trip on the cruise in march cause this time all my gear fit properly and we got to stay for 30 mins so i got to really see a lot. i really hope my water camera pictures come out!!

afterwards we went swimming in the pool and hot tub, then at night we went to the London style pub and hung out. at 11 they had a chocolate buffet.


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