Am I That Person?

I was watching One Tree Hill Tonight, and the episode was about this guy that brought a gun to school because he was sick of being invisible. Nobody noticed him, nobody knew him. Those that did, were really cruel to him.

I think back on high school, and I know I was never in the popular crowd, but I’ve always had friends despite actually being an incredibly shy and insecure person deep down. But I think back to high school and wonder: who did I hurt, without ever even knowing it? Did I notice you? Were you in my classes and I never even knew your name? Sprayberry had 3,000 students. Probably around 700 were in my grade. I look through the yearbook and there are many faces that I don’t know. Maybe I knew who you were but never said hi. Were there people I knew that felt this way about me and everyone else at school? That nobody noticed or cared if they were gone? Did I see them?

Did I ever hurt you? Did I ever say anything about you that made you want to cry? I know what it’s like for other kids to say things about you that are so mean you go home and cry every night after school. If I ever hurt you, then I’m sorry. Because I know how it feelsto hurt, too, and I have never gotten over it. Surgery can fix some things, but the scars are still there.


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