I’ve discovered why i have none. in cleaning house today, i discovered like 6 pairs of socks wedged under my desk and computer and other various places around my computer area.

ive finally gotten in touch with the caterer (after playing phone tag for a month) and i have an appointment for tomorrow morning. in related news, after a big phone arguement with the chevy place, they’re paying for that extra day on the rental car.

theres a new guy in the specialty department at petsmart. once hes trained and they hire one more person, i can go down to part time hours. hopefully it doesnt take too long to hire someone, but theyre super slow. *sigh* i really have soo much to do lately and not enough time to do it cause im always working. i need like 3 or 4 days in a row off to take care of everything. i mean id have time to get more done if i hung out with my friends less, but cause of my work schedule i hardly ever get a chance to see them so when i do get a day off i spend the whole time going out and seeing people rather than doing my chores.

saturday night i went to a party at danielle’s house. bryan, dixie, analiese, linda, and devin (all Psmart people) came and we all proceeded to get quite drunk. it was really fun. i cant wait to get the pix from it.


3 thoughts on “Socks

  1. Let me expand on that…i thought the ceremony/reception site provided the food and for some reason didn’t do taste tests. Or maybe that was one of the other places you were looking at? I can’t remember

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