I got a puppy on saturday!! Pretty much my first puppy ever (Toby doesnt really count since i didnt live with him much). Her name is Abby and shes a cocker spaniel golden retriever mix (which josh pointed out makes her a cock retriever lol). I got her from the Bartow County Animal Control up in Cartersville. Shes a crazy hyperspastic puppy that is as sweet and as adorable as can be!! im soooo excited about her.

paul and rene and bill came with me when i adopted her, and then we all went to petsmart to buy stuff for her. i bought her some dog toys, which she ignored, but she really likes one of the cat toys i had bought for the cats which *they* ignored.

im trying to figure out the whole training thing. so far the only command ive taught her that she always obeys is “run around like an idiot” we start training classes next monday



9 thoughts on “I GOT A PUPPY!!

  1. She is sooooo adorable! The puke-green eyes make her look a little demonesque…..but i suppose you like that about her. 😀 Is it a private training class? I would think you’re talking about the Petsmart one since you work there, and isn’t she supposed to stay away from other dogs for awhile?

  2. Oh yeah, btw….i want to request a family photo. Specifically this must include, you, Paul, Abby, Annabelle, Katrina, Skeletor, and Boo (fish and frogs not necessary but welcome). All must be sitting….and smiling. 😈

  3. Tsk Tsk! Abby isn’t even on your “Ally’s Animals” page. Since when are fish more important?!

  4. I just noticed this but in the pictures Abby looks like she has a “Hitler” mustache.

    OMG, our dog looks like a dead German dictator.

  5. Still no Hitler…er i mean Abby… on your animals page. Maybe it’s because you’re embarassed about the ‘stache. Get her a bleach kit or something. No need to be ashamed!

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