just a quick note from me

Last week reaaallly sucked. between the write-up at work, my cat, and *josh*, ive been going insane. not just for me tho. josh sal and robert have been having a time of things too from what i hear. so much stuff has been upsetting me lately that i dont even have the heart to write it all. the car insurance people charged me for an extra day which pissed me off too so i hafta call and bitch at them tomorrow about it. then i have to try to do some wedding planning, too since i finally have a day off. most likely ill spend all day playing horizons and not do a damn thing. having lunch with steph tho so at least that will force me to put on clothes for the day 😛 oh yeah and ps – my computer is D-E-D dead! stupid thing. i miss my iTunes.

upcoming events:
danielle is having a party sat night which im excited about (note to self: buy vodka)
mar 17th is the Trapt/Nickelback/Chevelle show
mar 18th i have some stuff going on too


6 thoughts on “just a quick note from me

  1. What did you get written up for? Whatever happened w/ Josh? And what’s the low-down on J, R, and S?? I need gossip woman!

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