Ok well Ive been getting mass spam to my site the past two days. Some bot is adding comments on my posts that link to diet pills and online poker sites. i delete 4 yesterday and then today i deleted another 13. because of this, ive had to change the site so that you must be a registered user in order to make a comment. i think most of the people that read this are already users anyhow so it shouldnt be a problem, but anyone else that wants to post will hafta register first (registration is still open to the public).


3 thoughts on “Spam

  1. Hey! I’m not spam. I just like responding a lot.:sad: And i clearly said “flu shot” not diet pills.

    Anyway instead of having to log in every time just to comment why don’t you just turn on the option where you have to include your name and email address to post? (like Paul’s site) Would that hinder the spammer?

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