ugh i feel soooo shitty!!! i couldnt go to sleep until 4am last night cause i was so congested and sneezing constantly. plus i was sleeping on the futon cause i didnt want to get paul sick or keep him up with my sneezing. finally at 4 it dawned on me we had nyquil in the cabinet and i took some of that and went to sleep. i didnt wake up again until 2pm today. *luckily* today is my day off, but i had to cancel all my plans for today 😦 which i was really looking fwd to. i just hope im better before work tomorrow.


One thought on “ick.

  1. wow…you’re really talkative when you’re sick. I can’t imagine how many more posts there would have been if you’d had your laptop with you all day. Good thing you’re the coolest person ever and letting me borrow it.

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