i heart the irish, but not winnie the pooh

im listening to a cd of a local band i heard in the Middle-of-Nowhere-Ireland that i got when i was wasted and they were selling their cds but i didnt have a penny cause i blew my last penny on alcohol so they gave it to me for free. the irish are awesome.

while im spouting my unimportant, unsolicited, baseless opinions, heres my take on winnie the pooh:
” hes a moron and a stoner (why else would he hafta sit around struggling to remember anything), tigger is on speed and is so hyper spastic hes obnoxious, rabbit is rude to everyone and pushy and bossy, piglet cant stand up for himself or ever make a decision on his own, and eeyore is a manic depressive and probably on the verge of being suicidal .. .. *none* of which i consider to be positive role models for children”