My Day

Sooo i havent posted in awhile so i figured id give it a go. i just added 5 more posts. i have a freakin cold which sucks ass. it wasnt too bad today, so hopefully itll be a light one. its the first time ive been sick since i got back from london which must be like a record for me or something. anyhow thats boring. so today i had a 12-7 shift at petsmart, but stacey, one of the fishy girls, decided she just wasnt going to show up for work anymore so i went over to specialty to help out bryan. i love working in specialty cause i get to do a lot of different tasks (ringing can be so mundane and tedious) throughout the night. anyhow so i got off at 930 instead and met up with danielle (one of the other cashiers) to go to Here (see other post about Here). i love that place cause its like a posh london nightclub instead of a redneck sports bar which is all we have around here (cept baileys tho which is decently cool). anyhow apparently the cops are trying to get the place shut down cause they dont want kennesaw to turn into a party town. last time i was at kennesaw (over a year ago now) the school was over half the size of UGA and growing so it freakin NEEDS a bloody night life!!! so danielle and i went over to Here to get dinner and hang out. theres a guy she knew from my space that DJs there and so we met him. he and his friend were pretty cool and so we decided wed go back next tuesday. im excited about going again cause next tues i wont be feelin all sick and crappy and ill be able to drink and not want to leave at only midnight. anyhow so we left at midnite and D was taking me back to my car at petsmart, and the closing shift was still there!! like i think the latest ive been there before was like maybe 1130, but they didnt get out of there until like 12:30. well part of that was all of us (danielle, bryan, vincent, tenecia) hanging out in the parking lot talking. so much for going to bed early to recover from my plague. hehehe i had fun tho. tomorrow im sposed to have lunch with steph btwn her classes from 12-3, then im either going to dinner with lauren for her birthday (if we both feel up to it) or dinner with bill and rene when renes off work. then i may or may not go to laurens for the usual weds night tv – totally depends on how i feel – i dont want to get anyone sick 😦 damn this cold ruining my week!! oh and PS — im babysitting devins kitten and its worse than annabelle.


3 thoughts on “My Day

  1. Hehe, i’m seriously gonna laugh my ass off when you get stuck with the devil kitten. How is a cute little cuddly kitten a devil kitty anyway?

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