yay i got to hang out with robert on friday 🙂 ive only seen him like once since i got back from london. i need to be better about calling people up and KIT and stuff. anyhow i took him to Here Cafe and Sauce which is like a posh london nightclub up in the old Uptons shoppings center behind outback. we had some drinks and a chat till about 1am. it was good to catch up with him. hes graduated now (congrats robert!) and looking for a job.


2 thoughts on “Robert

  1. You hang out with way too many guys that aren’t your boyfriend. And haven’t you heard the expression about clubs are for picking up people? (or something) Where’s the Paul love??

  2. I’m fine with this.

    In fact, I’d go hang out with Robert but I’ve got to go to bed at a decent time otherwise I wouldn’t be worth a shit the next day (for my job).

    Responsiblities and everything…

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