Bird Flu

so this whole bird flu thing has me sorta freaked out. i heard like a million americans at least are gonna die from it. thats loads of people, which means people i know could die! hell it could be me. i mean us at petsmart are all exposed to birds. i dunno if they count or not since theyre not in the wild cause i dont really know much about the flu at all, but doesnt it seem like the world is coming to an end lately? paul and bill think its like some sorta League of Shadows conspiracy to weed out the population of morons that now reside in our country (ok so they didnt quite say it like that – but basically they consider it time to cleanse the stupid).


One thought on “Bird Flu

  1. Where do you always get your death-bed illnesses from? Whenver you get sick (a lot!) it’s always really horrible and life-ending and stuff. Maybe it’s all this partying biting you in the ass! Hehe. Or…..maybe….just maybe…you should get a FLU SHOT!!!

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