Cake Frosting

I reallllllyyy dont like it. Ew, theres big globs of it on my plate where i knocked it off the cake. Valentine likes it, tho. Is she sposed to be eating that?

This past saturday we went to a party at matt and amandas house. it was a lot of fun even tho i wasnt drinking. even when youre not drinking you can always make fun of the drunk ones. we were there for like 7 hours. they did karaoke and matt gave his performance of Godmack’s VooDoo for us (by request from rene and me). matt has this video arcade stand thingy that he built and it has like a billion old arcade games on it, including dark stalkers!! i used to love that game when i was a kid. i didnt know how to play it tho so i just mashed the buttons a bunch and hoped for the best.


3 thoughts on “Cake Frosting

  1. Are you feeling ok? Are you sure you weren’t drinking? Because i thought i just saw you say that you didn’t like cake frosting….

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