What If

Ya know I wonder what would happen if a search engine really actually searched the entire web and pulled up all this shit youve ever posted online. I was doing some click-thrus and stumbled across…myself!! how weird is it to find a link on someones webpage to your own website, but one you dont ever remember having!!! yeah so apparently i briefly signed up for an account for a live journal back when i started this whole blogging thing and was trying to find a decent media to do it with. it only has 3 entries and are from back when i was still in school, so over a year ago now, but it was way weird cause i didnt ever remember actually signing up for it. mustve not used it for more than like a day. anyhows it just makes me think of all those community things ive joined over time like tribe, wayne, my space, xanga, and countless others i cant even remember anymore. its like im floating out there in the world all over the place. huh.


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