my space

umm yeah so i set up one of those myspace profiles cause for some reason i join every one of these retarded networking sites (see previous post babble about such sites). i dunno how much ill use it….meaning ill use it a bunch for a couple of weeks and forget it ever exists like i always do. whatever.

so petsmart rocks. of course it means i hafta get more pets. im working on setting up an aquarium. right now its just a ten gallon one cause i dont have a penny to my name to get a pretty one. they have some damn nice ones at petsmart that are 75 gallons.

click here for my profile


7 thoughts on “my space

  1. blah, this blog is far more exciting / personal / etc., etc.

    Speaking of that, why not add that pic to your side bar, or somethin’?


  2. Hey again… On an unrelated topic, I’ve noticed the discussion form isn’t used much anymore. Would you be interested in maybe changing it to something a little more… interesting? I’ve noticed there’s a new forum package out there that I can help you install, called Vanilla ( Let me know πŸ™‚

  3. Ok so i just realized that you still use this thing, thus the comments i am just now posting in response to last month’s posts. I kinda quit reading after you got home cuz i figured there couldn’t be much more to say about London seeing as how you aren’t there anymore and all. Anyway i joined myspace thingy too….we’ll see how it is. Am i supposed to read the forums too or is it all talking about vanilla stuff now? I guess i’ll have to check it out…

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