biker capitol of the south

last weekend my friends and i went up to Helen, a very small town in north georgia. its a touristy town cause its sposed to be a mini german village. like all the buildings look like a german village and the restaurants serve german food, etc. the funny thing about it tho, is that its like the biker capitol of the south or something. it has all these great roads to drive on and stuff so i guess thats why congregate there. but its funny cause the little “german” shops all sell harley davidson gear and confederate (do you know what that is? )stuff. and you walk down the lil main strip and theres all these bikers every where riding up and down. we went to the local bar sat night and got drunk off our asses. the place is funny cause the locals go there and theyre all stuck in the 80s or something. all the music is 80s and they dress like the 80s and theres all these old women in their 40s dressed like theyre 20….its hilarious.


One thought on “biker capitol of the south

  1. Hehehe. A German biker town in the middle of Georgia, stuck in the 1980s… Frightening indeed. Do you have any pictures? 🙂

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