A Day in the Life of a Bum

busy busy! for being unemployed i sure seem to have a lot to do all the time. this past weekend i officially moved out of my dads house. im so glad to finally have all of my stuff out of that stuff. for those of you that dont know my dad…stuff has a habit of getting thrown out randomly and without permision at that house. this weekend was no different. i almost had a meltdown when i found out that he had “loaned” my fridge to “claudia”. who the F is claudia? according to steph she is “some girl he went out with for like 2 weeks”. why would you give a *fridge* to a girl youve only known two weeks? and doesnt he know that when you stop seeing someone you get your shit back? specifically when it wasnt ur shit to begin with. then after that i discovered that he had cut a huge hole out of the middle of my stop sign. the “top” is gone. why would you cut “top” out of “stop”. omg he makes me so mad!! ok deep breath.

this week ive been helping sal pack up and move out of his house. hes moving up 575 which blows. at least its only to sixes road and not actual canton. ive been watching that new show Lost and by the end of today ill be all caught up on the season. its amazing how much tv ive been watching trying to see entire seasons worth of episodes for 8 shows. yesterday steph and i went to get chinese and smoothies for lunch. it cost me $16!! i remember the days when craig and i would get chinese food for only L2.50. hmm on top of that, while it tasted fabulous yesterday, in true chinese fashion, it tastes like crap reheated the next day. joy. hmm looks like annabelle likes it tho.

so todays agenda: i brought my moms computer home cause it keeps freezing on her. im going to disect it and see if i can get it running again. i also need to start unpacking the boxes i brought over from my dads, and hopefully hit the tanning bed.


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