wedding update

We found a site for the wedding and booked it for June 24th, 2006 (a Saturday evening).
The website for the place is . I also attached some pix I took when we were there.
It’s this great Victorian Southern house from 1892. the house itself has several small rooms that each have a food display in it (one room with cheese/crackers, one room with veggies and dip, and one room with fruit and **CHOCOLATE**). Then I also get to pick 4 other food items. I was thinking of having a chicken, a beef, a pasta, and a sandwich dish. The place also includes the bride’s cake. (i’ll get a grooms cake from a bakery). Beyond the original house there are two large additions, the reception room and the ceremony room. For those over 21 (ID required), we will be serving wine and champagne at an open bar.

Paul’s birthday is next week (the 25th) so I’ve ordered two birthday cakes for him as an excuse to try out some cake choices. I’ve picked out a DJ and a florist altho I havent met with them yet. I’m currently looking for an officiant and a wedding planner. If anyone has any song ideas (fun upbeat ones or soft ones) email em to me.


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