naughty but nice

catching up on publishing some old entries i hadnt put up (after theyve been here a couple weeks ill archive them in their proper dates):

craig is an MC and promoter. he hires a venue (in this case a small bar out in east london that is getting like no business), and gets a DJ, and passes out flyers to get people to come out. then he charges admission at the door and the bar gets the money from the drinks. hes hosting this place every sat in feb. sat nite was his first nite doing it and so kristie and i went down there to hang out. the place was pretty tiny, very limited seating, and everyone there looked like they were 16!! (i know they had to be 18 to get in and the ave age was prob like 20, but they all looked so young!). kristie and i nabbed a cushy leather couch and the two of us just hung out and talked. craig stopped by every once in awhile and even brought us each a drink. poor sarah had to spend the whole night at the door charging the admission so we didnt see much of her. in the last hour of it james showed up, in all his usual grumpy glory, and he sat with us a tiny bit. kristie went home cause she didnt like the music (it was all garage and house mixes) and i stayed behind with craig and sarah. craig drove us all home, and on the way we went thru mcdonalds drive thru which was on the right side so that was new. then he went to drive me home but i wasnt really sure where i lived cause we were coming from a different direction and the way u drive is diff than the way you walk it (plus i suck at directions). sarah (whos only been to our house once) had a better idea of how to get me home than i did. craig was like “james, say something mean to alison for me”. craig ended up having like a good 75 peeps show up and the money he made covered his expenses for all 4 weeks in feb so every sat there after will be pure profit for him. not a bad way of makin a living 🙂 the pix from that night are in the misc section.