kristies bday

last night was kristies bday party. after spending half a day getting glammed up, we met up with everyone (kristie, me, emily, mayoor, chris, darren, mark, martin, shane, nigel) and went to dinner at a place called Slug and Lettuce in Leicester Square (no idea why youd name your restaurant that). its like a sorta upscale bar/pub that serves dinner and cocktails. they took forever to bring my order cause i requested the chicken without the tomato sauce on top but it was pretty good when they finally brought it. afterwards we went to Tiger Tiger down the street in Piccadilly Circus. definitely a much better experience than last time (nasty greek guy). the place is huge but we spent most the time up top where the R&B and pop type music is played. Shane and Nigel disappeared in the first hour (apparently they were tired and had to go get their beauty sleep), but Laura, Laura, and Rod met up with us at the club. Also, this girl Mayoor has been seeing, Vimmi, came. around midnight chris got thrown out (still havent heard the story on this one), and mayoor and his chickie disappeared to go meet up with chris somewhere. darren and mark spent most the night wandering around chatting up birds (theres a pic of darren and some chick in the gallery). before i forget, i spent the night drinking a cocktail called a sunshine. i dunno if itd be in my bartending book to try out when i get back home, so heres the recipe: vodka, white rum, orange juice, sprite, and passion fruit juice. kristie and i had some great milk drinks at slug and lettuce as well. i think mine was baileys, kahlua, creme de menthe, and cream. hers was something like creme de banane, creme de cocoa, and cream? probably missing an ingredient in that one. they had a whole list of cream drinks which are my fave.
kristie, laura, laura, and rod did a lot of dancing, and the music was all the stuff Kristie enjoys, so i think she had a really good time. at 3 kristie and i got a mini cab home (by this point everyone but lauras and rod had disappeared…where did darren and mark go??). while we were waiting for it to pick us up, we got these hot dogs (kristie says they were really bratwurst cuz they werent hot dogs) from a street vendor outside (please dont tell me what was in it…ignorance is bliss).

PS – I think Kristie is really a demon cause i just had to edit the red eye out of every pic she was in…I think Emily is a demon-in-training cause she had a lot, too.

pix are up in the gallery


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