my bday…and it snowed

trying to catch up on old entries here…

my actual bday was on weds (the 26th). that night after work i went out with kristie, emily, laura, laura, and rod. we met at leicester tube station, and while they were getting money out of the cash point, i went upstairs to use my cell (no signal in the tubes), and i noticed it was slightly raining so i went to put my hat on. i looked up into the street light and realised…thats not rain, thats snow!!!! it was lightly snowing on my bday!!! it only lasted like ten mins while we were walking around leicester square, but i just couldnt believe it finally snowed and on my bday!!! so we were going to go to the walkabout, but it was australia day (i think thats like their 4th of july) and thats an australian bar, so there was a *huge* line to get in. instead, we went to this pub in leicester square called Waxys or something like that. it was a really great pub cause it actually played music (and music i like too!) and it had tons of seating in all kindsa tucked away areas. we were all able to sit around a table and just hang out which was really great.

then on friday after work was my party. id reserved a table at the Hard Rock Cafe (the very first, original, Hard Rock Cafe) and after work we (me, emily, ben, mark, darren, mayoor, martin, shane, james, craig, sarah, and yvey) went to dinner. i absolutely loved it!! they had big screen tvs playing music videos like linkin park and i got to eat a real american cooked burger (yum!!). emily had brought a bottle of vodka with her in her purse so the two of us snuck in the bathroom and did vodka shots (so cheesey i know, but its free!). after dinner, my work friends stayed behind to have dessert and the rest of us went on to the walkabout where inge and her friends were (it was inges bday that day too). most people didnt go on to walkabout, so it was just me, emily, martin, shane, mayoor, james, and canadian laura met us there. i think i had like 5 double jack and cokes and like 3 shots and by the time we went to catch the last train home, the guys were practically dragging me. definitely a top 5 night.


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