Cafe de Paris

craig’s gf sarah was having a work party at this club in leicester square, Cafe de Paris, thats sposed to be really ritzy and posh and only people on the guest list can get in. so ed (the managing director of our company) said he was a member of this club and he could get us in on the guest list. so craig and james and i were sposed to go, but craig bailed on us so just james and i went. when we first got there and were getting drinks it was kinda empty and i noticed that there were a lot of guys there. then in walks these two transvestites dressed up like stewardesses and pushing little suitcases, along with a *ton* of gay guys. they stopped and started posing for a camera. i also at this time noticed a guy walking around wearing just a towel wrapped around his waste which i thought was really weird since this was sposed to be a nice, dress-up type place. then we notice that downstairs on the dance floor there are actually several people wandering around in swim suits and a souple of them are putting up a volleyball net. i was like “uhh james, i think this is a gay bar”. apparently it was some gay-night event that some company plans and hosts at various clubs. they had hired these people to run around in speedos (despite the fact that these were muscular guys in speedos, they were too gay for me to even be turned on) and set up this whole beach scene. there were guys doing pushups and rubbing oil on themselves and some were playing volleyball. james and i found sarah and her workmates and sat down with them for a front row show. later on, the stewardesses came down and got up on this little stage and did a strip show down to bikinis and when they were done they started playing limbo. that was wrong on so many levels, but the whole thing was sooo weird and sooo hilarious.