Pancake Day

So theres a holiday in England called Pancake Day. Its actually called Shro Tuesday (or something like that), and its the Tues before Lent starts or something. only in england “pancake” actually means a crepe. american pancakes are griddle cakes or something. so kristie mayoor and i went to guys’ house in wanstead and they made a ton of crepes for everybody and had all kindsa toppings on them. they put ham and shredded cheese inside sorta like an omelette. i had mine with choc sauce and toffee sauce. afterwards we played articulate. the girls kicked their butts 😀


2 thoughts on “Pancake Day

  1. oh i thought i mentioned it in the christmas entry…we play it a lot. its a party game very similar to taboo. you have a word on a card and you hafta describe it to teammates.

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