the guys were dancing to the music on skates!

On Saturday night, Kristie, Emily, Darren, and I went to the ice skating rink in leyton. kristie and i both **love** skating but hadnt been in several years. emily and darren had both only been once before a long time ago so they didnt really know how to do it. emily picked it up pretty quickly and could even almost keep pace with kristie and me, but darren couldnt get the hang of it. he kept trying to pick up his feet and walk instead of glide. they had the lights off with just some colored and side lighting and had hip-hop music playing — it was a lot like Sparkles roller rink when we were kids. there were these guys there that were dancing to the music on skates! it was really neat to watch cause they were really into it and were jumpin’ around and everything on skates.