Thanksgiving for Halloween

Sunday morning kristie and i decided to go to Camden Market on the recommendation of Yvey (“E-V”, a girl i work with). we’re pretty sure that its the plave that amanda bynes went in What a Girl Wants. its kinda like Portebello Road. there are regular stores along Camden High Street that were similar to downtown Athens, and then there was one part that was indoors but kinda like an exhibit at the Civic Ceneter where you have all different merchants at stands. then there’s Camden Market thats like a flea market of outdoor stands. all the merchandise at these places are the type of stuff youd see see at Hot Topic, Gadzooks, etc (punk rock, goth/skater stuff) plus a lot of hippie stuff, Indian stuff, some designer stuff, etc. they sold jewelry, clothes, t-shirts, scarves, etc. the whole place was soooo much fun!! i bought a bunch of london touristy souvineers, some blue stud earrings (kristie and i are thinking about getting our ears pierced) and a blue scarf with designs in silver thread. no idea what im going to do with the scarf, but its pretty. kristie bought a Beckham football jersey to wear at games and a Gucci watch.

When we got home, Martin came and picked us up and we went to this pub/restaurant/inn type place for a “Carvery”. There were 12 of us there: myself, kristie, emily, martin, mayoor, darren, shane, ben (this was the first night we met ben), nigel, and 3 guys wed never met. the tables held 8 and 4 so nigel and the other 3 guys were at a different table we never really even spoke to them. so a carvery is a big sunday dinner where they havea whole turkey, ham, and roast beef and they carve off large slices of the meat, accompanied by balls of stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, carrots, roast potatoes, cranberries, gravy, and yorkshire pudding (which isnt pudding at all, but acutally a light-weight bread). Sound familiar? Swap the yorkshire pudding for rolls and you have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. it was a great meal and great company.