james and his friend anthony

ok ive been naughty. i havent touched the site all week. this week was my first week of work. i really like my job. i take customer orders on the phone and mail. i respond to customer letters (requests and complaints and stuff), and i help fulfill the orders and send them to the customers. the company itself sells a lot of products, but theres only like 4 we ship and deal with in house. the biggest seller seems to be the great train ride serious which is complete crap. its a video of a train ride. why on earth would you pay L20 for that?? everyone i work with is really nice. im in the room where the catalog developers are. theres david (about 22), craig (about 20), linden (about 35), and ravi (about 35). theres a girl yvey i havent met yet cause she was sick the whole week. then theres some others in the other rooms, but most of them are older cept james. hes my age, from calif, and also here on bunac.

on tuesday night after work kristie and i went and hung out with james and his friend anthony thats visiting him from calif. we went to a bar and just sat out on the patio and hung out. it was really fun. too bad anthony is only here for another week, but im sure well at least hang out with james some more.

today i went to lunch with dave, lindon, and craig. we went to a pub across the street from work. it was funny cause they went to get a beer. i had a coke and lindon asked me didnt i want anything stronger and i said no cause then id be buzzed when i got back to work and he laughed and said theyd done it before. i cant believe they go to a pub and get beer in the middle of a work day.

craig lives out near me a few stops down so he showed me a faster way to get to and from work. now it only takes me like 45 mins to get there which is good cause then i can sleep until 8 😛