Sunday Curry

hey everybody! ive had several complaints that there was a lack of diary entries all week. well seeing as how i was in bed sick last sat – weds and barely left my bedroom, there really wasnt much to tell. so heres the updates since then.
last thursday i had a job interview. its an hour away in west london for a small company that does catalog sales. ya know like those TV ads for Best of the 60s CD compilations and stuff? they send out catalogs with stuff like that. id be taking customer orders over the phone and then entering them into the computer. it starts this monday and its 9-6 (hour lunch break) mon-fri. plus it pays L7.50/hour ($15/hour).

friday i just chilled at the house all day and played horizons. kristie went out to a pub with that girl laura for a few hours. i think they just hung out there. not much to report for friday 😛

saturday during the day we lay around the house with chris and mayoor and darren most the day just chatting and whatnot. then saturday night kristie, darren, and i went to this bar at Piccadilly Circus (neat area) called Tiger Tiger. I put up a few pix of us from when we went. The bar had neat decore – walls and ceiling are sorta cavernous but painted dark blue – it was too dark to get any pix of the actual bar. It was a ton of fun cept this one point when these two guys, one Greek and one French, came up to talk to kristie and me. they were gross and we couldnt make them go away so kristie had this guy standing next to us pretend to be her boyfriend to get rid of them. we were annoyed at the time but now its kinda funny. then when we got home we wanted to run in and be loud and wake up the guys like theyve done to us the past two weekends, but i start banging on mayoors door when kristie realizes theyre not even home! hehehe. they spoiled our plot. 😛

so then today, sunday, kristie and i went with mayoor down to the pub to watch a football match (soccer). afterwards, kristie, mayoor, darren, emily, and i went to this indian restaurant for dinner. ive never had indian food before. apparently curry is a HUGE thing in england. i had something called chicken kurma which wasnt spicy at all, it was chicken with some kinda sauce that had cream and a very slight coconut flavoring. it was sweet and way yum. there was also this fried onion patty thingy that was sorta like potato latkas but it was pretty spicy. there was also nan bread that was like a soft pita bread. the whole meal was super yummy and super cheap (about L4).