Today we had the best meal weve had since weve been here…McDonalds!

Day 2 of London J. This morning we went to BUNAC’s orientation. I flipped through the job listings notebook and found several secretary/admin type positions to check out. Some of the listings were old, though, so I don’t know how many of them will actually pan out. We also looked at the apartment listings. Theyre mostly around $200/week with most of the utilities included. Wed probably just have to pay for our own phone/internet and maybe the water. Speaking of phones, K and I gor our cell phones today! Theyre crappy lil nokia 1100 phones and cost $80* : / Theyre prepaid minute plans and only cost .10/minute. No aim on them though 😦

Today we had the best meal weve had since weve been here…McDonalds! I usually don’t eat fast food except for arbys, but it was sooo good to have real, American tasting food for once (even if the ketchup did come in a cup like the way sweet and sour sauce does).

We did a ton of walking around today, kindagetting used to things. On our way to the pizza shop for dinner we discovered an internet café where I can hook up my laptop. Its expensive ($1/5 mins), but it means I can start uploading my pix to the website J, so look for some pix to start going up.

Bed #6 got filler today by Tom from Poland. Hes probably in his late 30s or so. He said there was some sort of layover while he waits for some bus to take him some where…yeah I don’t really know what im talking about 😛

*all prices listed in the American equivalencies, i.e. the phones cost us 39 pounds which is about 80 dollars.


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