Sightseeing Bus Tour of London

Day three was great!! We got up and went on the Sightseeing Bus Tour of London, which is an open topped double decker bus that drives around London past all the major attractions. We got off at Buckingham Palace and (sorta) saw the changing of the guard. I wanted them to do the Target commercial dance, but I guess that’s just on tv. We really didn’t see much of it cause there were soooo many people blocking the view, but we got our pix and whatnot. In the morning it was really pretty out so it as fun to drive around and see everything. I added a bunch of the pix to the website from our excursion.

After the tour we stopped at Fridays for lunch cause I wanted American food. It cost me 20 bucks for a bacon cheeseburger, and it wasn’t even American style. The bacon was more like ham. The hamburger at mcdonalds was better and like 1/5 the price. Plus they didn’t have coke, just pepsi, the commies.

Then we walked down to the British Museum. We didn’t have much time so we only saw a tiny bit of it. Its not as good as the Louvre in Paris IMO, but it was still pretty great. Plus all the museum admissions are free so its like you can just wander in at any time. I included a couple of pix that I took of the museum like the Rosetta Stone (used to translate Egyptian hieroglyphics), the mummy of Cleopatra, a mummied cat, two mummied falcons, and the skeleton of a young girl that was one of 30 that had been sacrificially killed to be buried with some king.

When we got back to our area we went down to that internet café we discovered yesterday, and we were able to get on aol for the first time! Our excitement was quickly dampened, though, when we signed on and discovered that there was no one online to even talk to! It only costs like $4/hour so we’re gonna start going by there a little each day when we can. It closes at 9pm, so the latest we can be on is 4pm American time which sux cause most people aren’t home from work/school by then.

We got three new roomies tonight. Haley and Jason from Australia, and just now a new guy walked in, but he dropped off his backpack and walked out again. Falling asleep at the keyboard. See ya tomorrow!