Kristie's Entry

Ok so this is my first diary entry. Im not exactly sure what to say…amazingly, ally and I go to bed early and wake up at about 8 every morning. This is a very new concept for me. Hopefully it will stay this way! Its our 3rd day in London and today was our day to be a tourist. We took a sightseeing tour of London. We saw all of the big places to see, granted most of it was from a double decker bus. We decided after we got off at Buckingham Palace to just stay on the bus and go back to the places we wanted to see in more detail at a later date. It was really gorgeous and a little surreal! By the end of the tour we were absolutely freezing! I knew London had weird weather but tiday was a little crazy. When we left at about 10am it was sunny and hot, probably in the mid 70s. by the end of the tour it was cloudy, rainy, and 10 degrees colder. Doesn’t it usually get hotter the later in the day?

Anyways after the tour we went to lunch. Ally and I were very adventurous…we had TGIFridays! It was so good, but so expensive: ally had a cheeseburger that was 9.95 pounds, that is approx $20! Our lunch was so good though.

After lunch we walked to the British Museum, which has free admission. It had some neat things, but its not really something im into. I had a headache and I was about to fall asleep, so I glanced around at some things and sat down. Ally really seemed to enjoy it though, but its something that she likes to do. We didn’t get to see too much though b/c the museum was closing. Afterward we came back to the hostel.

The mother and daughter from Mexico are gone, as well as Australian Dan. Tom and his stinky feet from Poland are still here, but he’s going tomorrow. I think he said more in the 5 mins we saw him today than he did all day yesterday. Im sure by the end of the night we’ll have at least one more roomie! Maybe he’ll be hot!! Kidding…sort of!

Its funny b/c I almost brought a candle, but I decided against it. Now I so wish I had one b/c our room stinks so bad. Also I think it quite possibly the hottest one in the building. Our window is open but there is absolutely no breeze and to top it off the little fan is broken!

Well ally is d/l the 120 pics we took today, so hopefully there will be some cool things to see. Im thinking about taking a nap, im exhausted! I miss everyone and ill talk to you soon!

PS – Last night I was on the phone and these 3 guys came up the stairs. For some reason 1 of them was naked! He was covering up like he was embarrassed, so I don’t think he was doing itfor the hell of it. I think the weirdest/funniest part is where he came from is the front desk, bar, and all of the common areas! So its not like he came from the shower or anything. I think he came from the bar, they were playing some drinking game or something. It was one of the funniest things ive ever seen!