It is Day 16 of the new year and I’m still going strong on my new cleaning regime. I know that it is still really early in the year, but I’m excited about it. I’m enjoying reading blogs like Organizing Homelife and Clean Mama to get ideas and motivation.

I went to the Container Store the other day with Mom. It was my first time going in there and that place is heaven in a store for a person like me. I wish I had one near me (closest one is 50 minutes away) so I could shop there every week. I bought an Elfa door system to hang up my gift wrapping stuff. It was $60 which is a lot, but I liked it better than the cheaper versions that had to be screwed into the door. the gift wrapping stuff was all over the place in my storage closet and I’m very excited about my new, neat area. I also request that any future gifts to my family arrive wrapped and not in a gift bag because i have SO MANY gift bags and tissue paper. I got the idea via Pinterest.

Elfa door system
Elfa door system

I got a squeegee for doing windows and mirrors today in the mail. I was trying it out and Lucas asked what that noise was. I said I was playing with my new toy. He informed me grownups didn’t have toys. I’m impressed with the ease of use of cleaning the windows with the squeegee instead of 20 paper towels and elbow grease.

One of my problem areas was this kitchen counter. I would use it as a catch-all way station for stuff that needed to be put away elsewhere in the house.

Before: a messy, cluttered, catch-all
Before: a messy, cluttered, catch-all

I got these nice little baskets at Michaels to put up on the counter as a stuff depository. One for each level of the house, I can sort stuff in them as I go and then take the whole basket with me to put away items which keeps my counter top clear.

After: 3 baskets for easy sorting and putting away
After: 3 baskets for easy sorting and putting away

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