2013 New Year’s Goals

For 2013, most of my goals are the same as they have been the past few years. I’d say I typically only ever accomplish 1/3 of what I set out to do. So maybe my first goal should be to complete my goals? ;P

1. Get on a daily schedule to be more productive. Instead of just a To Do list, I need to really start budgeting my time so that I stop wasting away hours looking at Pinterest and reading blogs.

2. Be healthier (a multi-part goal):

  • Exercise more often: exercise at least 4 days a week
  • Go to bed earlier. no staying up past midnight, Cinderella!
  • Stick to myfooddiary.com
  • Kick that coke addiction, just say no!
  • lose weight!

3. Try to read a book to Lucas every day

4. Modern Housewife Extraordinaire: get the house organized and stay on top of cleaning

5. Read at least one educational book. Yeah, I’m probably the second biggest consumer of books of anyone I know. This goal is to read about something that doesn’t have fangs.

6. Set aside time to work on my hobbies like scrapbooking and writing. Get Europe 2010 and Arianna, Year 1 scrapbooks completed.

7. Spend more time actually doing all those projects I’m Pinning for Lucas.

8. Cut my debt in half.



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