My Morning Thus Far….

I was awoken during some part of my sleep cycle where you are in a deep sleep and just can’t seem to wake up. So I’m lying horizontally across the bed struggling to wrench my eyes open and go get the crying baby and Lucas starts driving tiny trucks into my hair saying they are crashing and stuck in my hair and then a tow truck has to come tow them out. I just laid there.

Finally drag myself up and go into the office to feed Arianna, take care of “business” on the computer, etc. Lucas wants his M&M reward for having gone on the potty but I’m busy with Air so I tell him he hasta wait a few minutes. He decides to root in the fridge and find his own reward. He comes back in (nekkid from the waist down still) carrying a roll of sugar cookie dough. He has chocolate all over his mouth. I asked him where he got chocolate from and drag myself into the kitchen to see what he is getting into. He’s been drinking the Hershey’s chocolate syrup bottle.

So Arianna is falling asleep in my arms and I’m just about to carry her up to the nursery when Lucas comes tearing into the office, carrying a couch pillow over his head, shouting “I’m a Pillow Guy,” and kicks a toy garbage truck filled with other little toys to rattle loudly across the room.

And I’ve only been up 30 mins.


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