Memorial Weekend

Whew. I’m so glad this weekend is finally over! While it wasn’t hard per se, like the kids weren’t too bad, it was very nonstop trying to get everything done. And that was including the *massive* help from my mom, like taking them for me allll day Saturday so that I could go to my friend Lindsey’s baby shower and then get stuff around the house done. I really, really don’t know how single moms do it. Paul is glad for it to be over, too. He said he is tired of doing Nationals every year. He’s still going to the Sept (or is it Aug) camp, though, for Andrew. As a reward (wd?) for making it through the weekend, we are going to Matt and Sarah’s this afternoon. They’re going to grill out on a new deck they’ve had built in their backyard. 
Other notes and updates:
Arianna rolled over this weekend! Mom or I would leave her lying on her back on the playmat, and she’d roll first to her side and sometimes to her belly. She has trouble with rolling over on top of her arm and getting her arm stuck underneath her. And true to Murphy’s Law, she is now drooling a ton after I commented about her not drooling. My new favorite past time is making her laugh (a new thing for her). Apparently singing Baby baby baby baby to the tune of Batman is hysterical. Painting infant toes is really hard; she is such a kickety-kicker!

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