ice cream truck

I was lying in bed reading to lucas, when i could faintly hear “it’s a small world” playing from somewhere. at first i thought matt and sarah left one of shelly’s toys here, then i thought lucas had turned on the baby swing in the nursery. i wandered out to find the sound, and realized it was coming from OUTSIDE. it immediately dawned on me what would be playing children’s music loudly through the streets — and ICE CREAM TRUCK! i ran out to the street looking for it, but it had moved on to the other side of the neighborhood. i ran inside, grabbed a fistful of cash and my kid, and ran out to the car to hunt down the truck. unfortunately, this story has a sad ending. after searching both my neighborhood and the one next to us, the truck was gone. determined to have ice cream now, i headed five minutes down the road to Hickory Flat, hoping to find a Brusters. I didn’t have any shoes on, so it had to be somewhere i could drive up to. Alas, I didn’t see the Brusters either, so we had to settle for McDonalds sundaes.


2 thoughts on “ice cream truck

  1. That’s sad ‘cuz Brusters is right across the street from Gymboree 😦 And also….Frosty Frog! Way better ice cream than McD’s

  2. Well I couldn’t go to Frosty Frog b/c I didn’t have shoes on. I *thought* I’d seen a Brusters nearby! I guess I just didn’t go far enough.

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