Hilton Head Day 1

Busy day! After breakfast, Mom and I took Lucas to the beach. He had been last year, but last year he wouldn’t go into the water, so this was his first time in the ocean. He LOVED it! He loved playing in the wet sand (and flinging it) and he really loved playing in the waves. We went out as deep as his knees, and I taught him to jump when the white crest of the waves came in to where we stood. We went out where it was about to my waist for a minute and I held him up in the water, but he was heavy and it was hard to hold him and jump the waves at the same time. We stayed out for an hour before I got hungry and was worried about burning. We’re going to go back again tomorrow.

After a quick hot dog lunch at the beach snack bar, we headed back to the beach house for naps all around. Now I know how Paul feels when I’m able to just say Im going to go take a nap anytime I get tired and he is stuck staying up with Lucas, b/c Mom got to go right to bed and Lucas stayed up another hour until his usual naptime before we got to sleep.

After nap, we went to the diner for dinner (it was 5pm by now), and then to Shelter Cove shopping plaza to see the yachts (“biiig boats”) in the harbor. I got bit by mosquitoes 13 times, and lucas got one on his face (plus a couple of others), so that put a bit of a damper on the evening. Last stop was the grocery store for supplies, and now i’m just waiting for lucas to go to sleep. I’m looking forward to taking him back to see the ocean again tomorrow.


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