Boston Day 2

Feeling much better today. I slept in until 10; paul got up super early as usual tho 😦 . We took Lucas to the Museum of Science, which was great because he could run around wherever he wanted and touch anything he wanted and all we had to do was keep tabs on him. It made the day much more relaxed and kept him very entertained. Plus, stephanie’s friend works there and got us in for free which was a HUGE help since we need every penny to buy a house.

last night stephanie and i got a cake for paul’s birthday and the guy let steph go behind the counter and decorate it herself. she drew a whale on it to commemorate paul’s awful birthday.

i ordered a sweet tea at dunkin donuts (which are more prevalent than waffle house) and it was awful. they definitely dont know how to make sweet tea. there are also little pizza joints evvverrryywhere.

lucas never napped. then we went to go pick up stephanie. paul drove her to work this morning in hours of traffic and then we had massive traffic trying to go and get her and get home. the original plan was to go drive-by sightseeing after we got her, but by then paul was back into a horrible mood so we went straight home. now we are ordering indian food! yay!!!!

terence called today as well. the house appraisal came back. it appraised at 166 which is awesome for us. apparently we still hafta convince them of something, but i dont understand what. i should probably email terence about what the next wait step is/time frame, but ill do that later.


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