Boston Day 1

Well flying to Boston was even more exhausting than usual airport flying. I was hoping there would be little TVs on the plane to keep lucas somewhat distacted, but there weren’t (this is why I only ever fly international), so paul had to deal with lucas constantly kicking the seat of the guy in front of him, crying when paul made him stop, and talking loudlyfor two+ hours. Walking thru airports meant dragging a car seat around with us and having lucas randomly flop over on the ground being silly rather than just walking.

stephanie’s house is really cool. it is sooo much like my house in london (only double the size). she also actually has more pets than i do (ok well they belong to her roommate, but theyre in the house with her).

This morning we got up bright and early at 5am. Why the hell would we get up at 5am you ask? BECAUSE THAT IS WHEN THE SUN RISES IN BOSTON! an hour and a half earlier than it does in the georgia!! at least this gave us ample time to drive to Gloucester, an hour north of Boston where we caught a boat out to sea to go whale watching.

Not a good plan. Paul got really seasick. I didn’t know he got seasick so I didn’t bring any medicine for him. So he spent the whole time feeling super miserable. And by whole time i mean 4.5 hours! they said it would be 3-4 hours which didn’t sound like long at the time, but when one of you is sick and youre yet again dealing with a toddler than wants to run around and climb on everything but can’t because he could fall overboard so requires not only careful watching, but *hand holding* most of the time, it gets old fast. and oh yeah, youre out to sea and there’s no getting off the ride now.

so now that im done bitching, here are the positives. they don’t really have those awful accents here, and everyone is really nice. seeing the whales was really cool. they are insanely huge! even seeing the top of their backs from far away you dont realize how freakin big they are until one was right up next to the boat. we saw a bunch of humpbacks and one other that i forget the name of.


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