My Week in Review

Saturday: Lucas’s 1st Birthday!! this event should probably require a post of its own, since i’d like to type a lot about it, but right now i’m too tired to do so.

Sunday: Mother’s Day – mom, ron, and i went to the Fox Theatre to see the musical Mary Poppins. it was sooo good! it was better than the movie. it was basically the same story, but they changed a bunch of stuff to make it a little more adult/deeper. like the mom had a bit more of a role/ issues of her own, there was an evil nanny bad guy, etc. i was so impressed with the special effects – i still can’t figure out how they did her magic carpet bag! afterward, we ate at a Thai restaurant called Tamarind Seed. i had something similar to Indian chicken korma. it was really good except lacking the yummy naan bread that i feel completes korma.

Monday and Tuesday: nothing exciting, just a Girl Scout leader meeting Tues night for me to pick up all the troops’ registration forms. I’m the Registrar and Troop Organizer for our service unit, so I process all the forms for the Acworth and some Kennesaw schools.

Wednesday : First of all, wednesday is a weird word. its spelling makes no sense. it’s like someone meant to spell it wendsday but typoed it and it just stuck. anyhow, wendsday morning we dropped off Eleanor Erin at the shop to have the AC fixed and the stereo replaced. later that afternoon we picked her up and she is finally all better and i can drive her around again, yay! wendsday night i had girl scouts. we worked on the activities to bridge to Juniors. as usual they were obnoxiously loud and misbehaved. this summer i’m going to work on coming up with ideas to make them behave bette, because while on the one hand i think working with them is fun, they are always so rowdy that i never look forward to the regular meetings and i’m relieved that we only have one meeting left.

thursday: in the morning the 3 of us went to walmart to exchange some of lucas’s toys. i got a bunch of new stuff for him, including: a mini basketball hoop and ball, a bowling set, wooden blocks, a leapfrog drum, some popup toy thing, a tiny baby swimming pool, and some other little things. in the afternoon, mom and i went to the scholastic book fair and i went a little nuts on buying books for lucas. some he’ll have to grow in to, but he has a ton for now, too, including two star wars the book fair i saw Kelsey from high school. i haven’t seen her in like ten years and i didn’t know if she’d recognize/remember me, so i felt all weird and didn’t say anything to her. then i was mad at myself the whole way home that i don’t even have the confidence to speak to an old friend.

friday: lucas’s one year old checkup. not much to say, he got more shots which he totally didnt love. did you know there is a vaccine now for chicken pox? i have his stats written down somewhere, but off the top of my head, he was 23 lbs 4.5 oz which is the 54%; i think he was 32 in tall? which was the 96%! they did a blood test and his iron count was 13 when you want to have at least an 11…maybe that’s why the kid is so darn strong. on the drive home we saw a sign in front of the house a couple of houses down from us that said “free stuff” and had a bunch of baby stuff sitting near the road. it looked like it had all been sitting out in the rain for awhile because it was kinda muddy, but we grabbed several items anyway.

Saturday: today i plan on sitting home and vegging/working on girl scout work.

Sunday: tomorrow evening i have a scrapbook class meeting


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