My boring day

Places I went today: the mailbox…with lucas…it was painstakingly slow

Something I did today: walked to the mailbox, read, slept

What Lucas was up to: drug around a decorative table and laughed at me when i told him no

Profound thoughts: lauren – i actually just haven’t made any updates because after *consults calendar* nearly two weeks of going out and doing stuff every day of the week, i have not left the house in 5 days. which means i really had nothing to talk about unless yall cared about the status of my farm.

i did passively clean out the 3rd garage this weekend. by that i mean i freecycled (that means you give stuff you would throw out away to other people to use for free) everything and had a bunch of people come to my house and haul it away for me. now we have space to store all the crap currently in our actual garage. still waiting on my cricut cartridge to be delivered so that i can get started on lucas’s bday invites.

i will at least have something to post thursday tho, because tomorrow kristie and i are going to a concert!!!


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