lauren is soooo smart

– lauren fixed my blog subscriber! apparently im retarded and where it listed “categories to exclude” i thought it was categories to include, so i had excluded everything from the email list.

– sorry jenn, this is too funny so i hafta throw it up here:
Wildkittn3 (11:47:06 PM): Parenthood (tv show) made me kinda glad i’m not having a girl – teen girls are such bitches
Wildkittn3 (11:47:41 PM): oh! quote of the day, during that particular scene jenn says “I”m glad i was never a teenage girl!”
ModernHecate (11:49:59 PM): nah she was a teenage mutant ninja turtle!

– ive made a baby registry for lucas’s birthday presents– im really excited about ryan. every time i hear the name ryan i get excited. i wish it was july already so i could start buying stuff!

– pasting stuff keeps screwing with my font but im not gonna fix it (edit: (jenn) I fixed it cause it was making me twitchy.)

– today we “cleaned out the garage” which means i got rid of two small items and that was pretty much it

– stuff i hafta buy: AC for eleanor erin, a new fridge, a DSLR camera, landscaping, house appraisal, and a new car…<sarcasm>yay</sarcasm>

– i was gonna type more random crap, but paul is going to bed now so im going to go read The Host (yes i just read it, but i am re-reading)


5 thoughts on “lauren is soooo smart

  1. Of course i’m sooo smart! What makes it even worse is that i figured it out in 1 minute WITH pregnancy brain…..and how long had i been bugging you? 😛 Ok now to figure out how to make it also email me when more comments are posted.

    When are you gonna look at cars? What kind of landscaping are you gonna get done? (and why) And why do you need a house appraisal? OMG! You’re moving to Canton to be with me and Jenn!! You missed out last night…we had chicken&broccoli casserole and peach cobbler. Was yummy.

    Tiffany was telling me how it took 3-5 years to get Serenity into a private school and how i needed to start applying now and stuff. That’s insane! I asked her why she didn’t use public school and she said they weren’t good in her area. (Doesn’t she live in Kennesaw or something? She mentioned something about Atlanta so maybe she moved) From what i understand i’m in a really good school district right now so i don’t guess i’ll be moving anytime soon…

  2. 1. i might need a different app to make it email about the comments…i’ll look into it…someday…maybe
    2. we still hafta finish getting the truck ready for selling which we will do i guess at the end of this week when paul is (off) work
    3. the front yard is covered in rocks because of them doing the septic tank thing a couple years ago
    4. we hafta get an inherited property appraisal so we can get home owners insurance now that we own the house
    5. i had thought you meant that many years to get her into daycare. ive heard it can take a year or two to get into the good day care centers. her thingy on FB says she lives in atlanta

  3. I was informed for years on a damn near daily basis that I wasn’t really a girl (cause I didn’t act/dress/think like one, so they said). And I sure as hell didn’t act/dress/think like the standard teenage girl (on tv or in real life, so they said). So I stand by my statement. I was never a teenage girl.

    As a side note, I’m finally subscribed to this thing, so now I will get updates! Hooray! Of course, Ally needs to post more stuff so I can test this. Yes yes. Speaking of, whatever happened to that formatted post business that was to help increase chances of daily posts (or something along those lines)?

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