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haha i was going to use this little SD card for something so i stuck it in my computer and discovered it had pictures on it! it had like 5 pix from jana’s bachelorette party in 2008 that i hadnt ever even seen before.

tonight paul and lucas and i went out to dinner at a chinese restaurant. the couple at the booth next to us just couldnt get enough of lucas. probably because he is so effing cute. he can majorly power crawl now, pull himself into a standing position without pulling up on anything, bend his knees to sit down instead of just falling over, and we tried finger foods but he didn’t like them much. in fact one of the first ones we gave him he threw at Matt at the museum at my birthday.

ive been spending a lot of time planning out the trip to europe that steph and i want to take in sept.

this post was supposed to be a lot longer but i didnt finish it


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  1. Hmm…did you see those pictures when you got your SD card stuck in the CD drive? And what kind of finger food did you give him? Tell him it’s ok, i know he was just holding out for pancakes tomorrow.

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