wave bye-bye

yesterday mom was over with lucas while paul and i were at the doc. then mom and i watched The Ugly Truth. when paul went to take lucas upstairs for a nap, mom waved bye-bye to him and lucas waved back! he was trying to move his arm up and down and flex his fingers to copy the motion that mom made. i might have passed it off for a fluke, but then he did it again later for me! same situation, paul was holding him and i waved bye-bye to him and he waved his arm back at me!

i slept alllll day today. i don’t know if it was from the meds or being sick or both or what. in the few hours of awake time i have had, i’ve been “being scrappy” as i like to call it. paul mentioned that dr duff and frank’s wife jennifer were talking about scrapbooking at dinner friday night (the one i didn’t get to go to–oh and apparently mrs duff dragged dr duff to the midnight premiere of new moon, too lol) and paul asked how much of lucas’s i had done. i realized i am very behind on his as i haven’t finished anything past 3 months old so i’ve been working on getting some new pages put together. i need to go buy a 3 ring album like the london book i have rather than these little post bound books that dont hold very much. i just wish they had pretty 3 ring ones instead of just solid leather ones.

i had a dream last night that mady and cara were in my girl scout troop. that they always had been and i never thought anything of it. then Tina, the assistant leader, said she could only come every other meeting and that Jon would be taking her place. then i was thinking how that would mean there would be cameras at the meetings and stuff and i was all freaking out.


2 thoughts on “wave bye-bye

  1. OMG i can’t wait to see Lucas wave. Sooooo cute!! Do you realize Jana will be seeing him for the first time at the Christmas party? It seems like he was born *ages* ago. Your dream confused me. I don’t know any of those names, and the only one you explained was Tina. Why would there be cameras at the meeting?

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